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Mediterranean sea

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Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It tempts with climatic, clean beaches, extremely picturesque, rocky coastlines and impressive mountain peaks. Due to a large number of sunny days of the year, it is called "evergreen." Sardinia offers a very varied coastline and picturesque bays for anchoring. It is worth seeing the Emerald Coast - Costa Smeralda, megalithic towers built 2 thousand years B.C., flamingos in the great nature reserve Costa Paradiso.
Our yachts sail along the north-eastern part of the island. Our base is the city of Olbia, which can be reached easily by plane from many European cities. Sailing north towards Corsica, you can visit the most interesting places in this area, such as the La Maddalena archipelago, Caprera island, Mortorio island, the Strait of Bonifacio, Budelli island. This area is a well-known centre of sailing and water sports. Enchanting beaches and emerald bays can be explored more easily from the water!


The fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the territory of the French Republic, is located west of Italy and south-east of France. It is separated from the Italian island of Sardinia, which is 12 km to the south, by the Strait of Bonifacio. Due to the numerous smaller or larger bays, the coastline of Corsica is more than 1000 km long. Corsica is the most mountainous of all the islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the high mountains, the weather conditions in Corsica are slightly different from the typical Mediterranean climate. Corsica is exposed to winds from every direction, which should be considered when planning to sail in this area. Strong storm winds are most likely to occur in the autumn, winter and spring months when the island is situated on the route of deep Atlantic depressions.
We recommend the southern coast of Corsica to which we reach by sailing from located below Sardinia. The atmospheric French harbours welcome sailors with delicious food and unforgettable views.

The Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera...

The Balearic Islands are a Spanish group of islands in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, about 100 km to the east of the mainland coast of Spain. The archipelago is composed mainly of Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera, and Cabrera, where you will find the most beautiful Spanish beaches and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and magnificent landmarks. The advantage of the islands is their diversity. Each of them, even though the islands are close to each other, has its unique character.
We like to visit the Balearic Islands during our autumn cruises to the Canary Islands. And then we visit the Spanish city of Malaga and famous Gibraltar!

Côte d'Azur

We like to visit the Balearic Islands during our autumn cruises to the Canary Islands. And then we visit the Spanish city of Malaga and famous Gibraltar! Côte d'Azur The Côte d'Azur, also known as the French Riviera, is a part of the Mediterranean coastline in French Provence extending from Chassis in the west of the country to the Italian border. The magnificent landscape and cultural values, more than 300 sunny days a year, breathtaking beaches and world-class cities: Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo allow you to participate in life at the highest level. The port of Saint Tropez offers the most luxurious conditions of stay, and the yachts mooring in the port often have a form of real artworks.
Our yachts sometimes visit this area:) We are happy to organize a charter here too!

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