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Bądź z nami

Elegant space and facilities of our sleeping cabins will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. There is a bathroom next to each cabin, which allows for privacy and comfort of our guests.

Our crew includes qualified and experienced sailing enthusiasts, who will make every effort to ensure that the time spent on board is tailored to the individual needs and preferences of guests. They will take care of your privacy, comfort, and security.

Our company's offer includes exclusive charter yachts located in the Mediterranean Sea in summer and the Caribbean Sea in winter. Between seasons, twice a year, we invite you on an exciting Transatlantic cruise


Atlantic Crossing

In our wide-range offer, you will find a possibility which every sailor dreams of taking. Cruise across the Atlantic, 3000 nautical miles, twice a year, in two directions, as an exclusive, all-inclusive option? With our professional crew, it becomes possible. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to take part in this fascinating journey with us.

Our yachts

Dzięki nim możemy zaoferować podróżowanie katamaranami: Bali 5.4, Lagoon 50, spełniającymi kryteria najbardziej wymagających oraz Bali 4.6. Wszystkim, którzy marzą o wielkiej przygodzie, zarówno Tym, którzy już zasmakowali żeglowania w różnych miejscach świata jak i Tym, którzy chcieliby popłynąć po raz pierwszy, proponujemy kompleksową obsługę na niezwykle komfortowych jednostkach.

  • Bali 5.4

  • Destinations: Caribbean, Sardinia

    Guests: 8

  • OD 13 000
    per week
  • Bali 46

  • Destinations: Caribbean, Sardinia

    Guests: 8

  • OD 7 000
    per week

What customers say about us

Sardinia 2016

We spent a wonderful week at Lagoon 560. The captain was very professional and the hostess was a great cook and a lovable person. The yacht was very comfortable and, as I wrote, we had a great holiday experience. Thank you very much and I hope we will sail with you again.

Grażyna and Janusz with kids

Our best vacation so far

Holidays on the Lagoon 560 have met our expectations. We felt like at the best hotel with a great crew on the deck that took care of all our needs. Delicious food, lots of fish, wine and water fun.

Marcel and Laura

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